• Dan Shoots Straight

    Dan Shoots Straight

    The enemy needs to be at the receiving end of a scope. I love watching Libs meltdown. #USMC #LEO

  • Kimberly Carroll

    Kimberly Carroll

    Republican Campaign Manager/Consultant/Strategist. I strongly believe in the party of Lincoln and Reagan.

  • Antje Crawford

    Antje Crawford

  • My motto: It could have more lesbians 🌈

    My motto: It could have more lesbians 🌈

    Author, historian, lesbian, just enough of a bitch to be worth knowing. Fairy tales, witchcraft, tarot. My MCs are all queer women. MA 2021 Leiden University.

  • Michael Santos

    Michael Santos

  • Elizabeth L. Schultz

    Elizabeth L. Schultz

    Fairfax County School Board (Springfield) Nation's 10th largest school system. Pro:liberty/fiscal stewardship/open government/military. Wife & mother of 4 sons

  • Armin Brott

    Armin Brott

    Nobody Knows Dads Like Mr. Dad.#Father, blogger, author, columnist, radio host, #Marine, spokesperson, #dad guru--& still learning from my kids every day.

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